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Dan Van


Dan is a 20 year old DJ/Producer from Southend, Essex. He first touched a pair of decks at the age of 14 when he first started listening to vocal house music.
The first piece of equipment he brought was a Homemix system from Argos!!! He learned the pure basics of DJing and decided to save for a pair of Pioneers. Once Dan was comfortable on the Pioneers, he decided to start pushing his name forward for gigs at local bars and clubs, and by the age of 16 he had his first residency in a small bar just outside of Southend. Soon after, promoters started to notice Dan and asked him to start playing at some events in the local area. Dan also decided to leave his History and Maths course at college for a music production course in Croydon, where he started to learn about the basics of the music industry and Logic programming. At the age of 18, Dan picked up his first ‘real’ club gig at Pacha in London playing for Twilo. After taking home a lot of experience and a great addition to his CV, he was asked by a friend to cover him at Ministry of Sound as he was ill. Dan jumped at the opportunity, grabbed his CD case and caught a train to the club. Dan’s first set went brilliantly and the promoter asked him to play at future events. Soon, Dan was working for Electronic Sessions on their boat parties and Ministry of Sound events every other month.

In May 2010, Dan decided to gain some experience abroad and traveled to Malia, Crete, where he recently visited for a short holiday. The whole ordeal was a huge success. Dan managed to secure himself a residency at one of the most popular bars in town playing commercial dance and house music. As he returned from Malia, he started his second year in music production, where the lectures became more in depth and guest speakers such as DJ Krust and X-Press 2 came speak of their success.

As 2011 came around, Dan decided to travel once more, but this time to the island of Ibiza. It took him a while, living in hostels on beans on toast every day, but eventually he managed to secure a residency at Play 2 in San Antonio which boasts the biggest capacity venue in the West End. Throughout his stay, Dan played regular slots at Hush, Eden, Hed Kandi Bar and Es Paradis. Upon Dan’s return from the white isle, he was greeted with start of his 3rd year at college where lectures consisted of sound acoustics, analogue synthesis, digital synthesis and much more.

In to the winter of 2011, Dan was accepted as an intern working at Ministry Of Sound’s head office for Hed Kandi as A&R assistant. 7 months passed and the experience gained resutled in Dan being invited to become a Hed Kandi resident DJ, his dream job. Now, Dan travels the world, headlining the most extravagant venues the globe has to offer.

Productions start to get noticed in to 2012, with his first ever release being a remix for Reza & Max ‘C’s ‘Put It On’ on Hed Kandi Records. Many remixes and releases later, and music is getting released on some of the hottest house music labels such as Spinnin’ Records, Stereo Productions and Stealth Records.

Recent releases have picked up major support by the likes of heavyweights such as Roger Sanchez, who recently quoted him as ‘absoloutley killing it right now!!’