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Divine X


In June 2010, Thiago Soler decided to create the Project Divine X

Past two years producing in various genres with his solo Project, He decides to create a Project that focus just on Electro.
At the same time, Diego Silva, his longtime friend, who also had a solo project, started producing Electro and show his ideas to Thiago. Which by the way really liked, and so them decided to join forces to command the Divine X.

With two years of this union, Divine X is quickly becoming a household name in the world of Electro, with many releases on some of the biggest labels in the world.
Among them are: Burn The Fire, Freakz Me Out, Surfer Rosa Records, Simplify Recordings, Peak Hour Music, Heavy Artillery Recordings, Big Alliance, Tapestop, Funkk Sound, etc …

Recently won a remix competition held by the label “Surfer Rosa Records,” the world famous Tim Healey. A competition summed up in remixing the track very successful “Tim Healey & Felguk – Score”.
As award, Divine X will have his remix released on Beatport, along with the original track.

In August 2012, signed with one of the giants of Electro House, renowned label “Burn The Fire”, commanded by Manuel Luquin & Chris Gaspar, those responsible for the Project Cold Blank.
In the same month began works with the label “Freakz Me Out,” one of the best labels of Germany within the line “Under”.

With a sound blend of beautiful melodies, danceable beats and heavy basslines, these guys animate any dance floor.