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Frida Harnesk

Frida Harnesk


Swedish born singer/ songwriter Frida Harnesk has performed all around the globe, lighting up stages and events with her dynamic stage presence and vocal ability. Having worked with major companies such as Walt Disney, Mercedes Benz & Husqvarna she is no stranger to the big stage.

Frida started off as a Trance recording artist in 2009 and have had support from big producers such as Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beond and Andy Moor. Frida is now working on a bigger range of music styles with a focus on the progressive sound and vocals that are emotional but yet uplifting.

More recently Frida has created an acoustic duo with Melbourne based guitarist Josh Fuhrmeister. Together they have sculptured unique interpretations of current top 40 tunes, as well as occasionally playing homage to the greats that have come before. From The kings of Leon ,to Rihanna to Chaka Khan their repertoire includes a variation of upbeat and slow material. Their soulful and vibrant performance creates the perfect atmosphere, ideal for almost any event.