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Males who wear masks hold the power. They’re mysterious, commanding and strike your curiosity. They like to keep everyone guessing and provoke the ‘art-of-manliness’ if worn correctly. Girls want to be the one to take it off and guys wish they thought of it! Think about it, superheroes always get lucky…

Slice N Dice, founded in November 2011, are an Australian DJ duo, who, produce Electronic Dance Music. The beginning saw Slice N Dice spinning regularly at the biggest nights in their home city of Melbourne. They began to grow in reputations and success alike, which saw them take their show interstate and worldwide.

Slice N Dice’s international breakthrough came with their track “Robots Like To Have Sex.” The track saw DJs such as Chuckie, Global Deejays, Lazy Rich, Borgore, Hirshee, Bombs Away and many more supporting and playing the track. The success of “Robots Like To Have Sex”, saw the boys hit #51 in the Electro House Charts on Beatport. No doubt, this was the track that pushed Slice N Dice’s new sound and put them on the world stage.

Following the success of their first single, Slice N Dice debuted at #41 in the ITM Top 50 National DJ Awards in Australia. Having only been going one year strong, this was an enormous achievement for the duo and something that boosted their name even greater.

This followed with their first International tour with 10 exhilarating shows over the USA and Mexico. The tour was a great success and pushed the boys’ career to new heights, having worked with some of the best in the industry and growing their name in parts away from home.

Having worked with and supported such artists as Sidney Samson, Diplo, Cosmic Gate, Showtek, Tydi, Wippenberg, F.O.O.L, Wynter Gordon, Global Deejays, Fatman Scoop, Lazy Rich, Tonic, Timmy Trumpet, Stafford Brothers, DJ Whoo Kidd (50 Cent’s DJ), Bombs Away, plus many more, Slice N Dice have done nothing less than impress the industry with their charismatic and energetic show, along with their bass driven tracks!

So, what exactly makes Slice N Dice different from every other duo? A recent article on, an Australian dance music website, stated the following…

…Melbourne’s new mysterious duo, Slice N Dice, created the strongest impression of the night while absolutely killing it and sending the crowd into a massive frenzy. These guys, known for wearing differently designed masks at every gig to hide their identity, hit the decks and were being admired like rock gods” (

It looks like we are dawning on a new age of Electro House with this mystifying and crazy Australian duo!

It’s safe to say that you cannot put into words why this talented duo is spreading like wild fire; it’s just something you have to experience.