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Are You Ready

Are You Ready

Label: Safari Music

Release date: 2014-04-21

Catalog number: SAF131

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Are You Ready (Haber Remix)
Haber, Lumira
Are You Ready (Original Mix)
Are You Ready (KAEZR Remix)
Lumira, KAEZR

We know Lumira and his gang of Producers are ready, because they have delivered the goods!
Are you ready is one track to have the floors going, from anytime of the day to anytime of the night!

Joining Lumira is Haber & KAEZR with their phat interruption of this filthy bass and hard hitting track!

Haber has given a taste what electro has to give to the world. A heavy synth and a baseline to compliment each other, no wonder why Safari Music is a massive supporter!

KAEZR has given us nothing but a heavy baseline and a Melbourne made famous synth line remix. A remix which will have everyone going mental too. A man to watch for in the future, who has left his mark on the scene with this track.

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