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Bom Bom

Bom Bom

Label: Safari Music

Release date: 2014-03-13

Catalog number: SAF116

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Bom Bom (Original Mix)
Treyy G, Dirty Palm
Bom Bom (Erba Remix)
Treyy G, Dirty Palm, Erba
Bom Bom (Older Grand Remix)
Treyy G, Dirty Palm, Older Grand

Both these Safari artists have been killing the moment we call Melbourne Bounce. Gaining a world-wide reputation, this track BOM BOM, is one of the bigggest yet. Full vocal, crazy trumpets and a fresh new swung Melbourne drop, that will keep your floor bouncing like crazy. The vocal hook by Treyy is sick! The is already touring the whole of Europe and soon the USA, is on the verge of exploding all around the world!

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