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Label: Safari Music

Release date: 2014-01-20

Catalog number: SAF117

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Complications (Original Mix)
Treyy G, Filthy Signal
Complications (Mark Edward Hilder Remix)
Treyy G, Filthy Signal, Mark Edward Hilder
Complications (Chris Royal Remix)
Treyy G, Chris Royal, Filthy Signal
Complications (Older Grand Remix)
Treyy G, Filthy Signal, Older Grand
Complications (Diego Marcelo Remix)
Treyy G, Filthy Signal, Diego Marcelo

Treyy G, one of Safari’s favorites is back, this time with Filthy Signal, creating an absolute gem! Sexy, dirty lyrics and tight punchy gated Melbourne drops are what to expect from this beast.
Treyy has broken double platinum, signed to Ultra, Scorpio, Sony, Disco:Wax and more, about to embark on a massive world-tour. RELEASE THE BEAST!

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