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I’m The Dopest 

I’m The Dopest 

Label: Safari Music

Release date: 2013-09-23

Catalog number: SAF094

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I'm The Dopest  (Original Mix)
Dario Delvegez, Treyy G
I'm The Dopest  (White Vox Remix)
Dario Delvegez, Treyy G, White Vox
I'm The Dopest  (Dirty Ducks Remix)
Dario Delvegez, Treyy G, Dirty Ducks
I'm The Dopest  (Teddy Cream Remix)
Dario Delvegez, Treyy G, Teddy Cream

Treyy G is back with THE DOPEST rinsing the Melbourne sound with the best vocals around! This time collaborating with Dario Delvegez, this banger’s gotta be part of your rekord box. Tuff beats, wicked drops and non-stop energy.

On the remix, Safari boys Teddy Cream, Dirty Ducks and special guests White Vox, all come up with the goods. There’s a mix for everyone in this pack.

Bitches say I’m the DOPEST!