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Let’s Go

Let’s Go

Label: Safari Music

Release date: 2013-08-19

Catalog number: SAF089

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Let's Go (Original Mix)
Let's Go (Dirty Palm Remix)
Burgs, Dirty Palm
Let's Go (Erba Remix)
Burgs, Erba
Let's Go (Treyy G Remix)
Burgs, Treyy G
Let's Go (Dirty Ducks Remix)
Burgs, Dirty Ducks

Hailing from Melbourne town, Burgs returns with some more MELBOURNE BOUNCE. This time with a devilish breakdown with epic chords and a big room feel, dropping into a SAFARI dance floor filler.
With remixes from D!rty Palm, Erba, Treyy G and Dirty Ducks! All mixes solid as hell and are bound to smash the dance floor every time!