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Safari Music Bounce

Label: Safari Music

Release date: 2015-07-21

Catalog number: SAF173

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Drunk Tonight (Original Mix)
Hit It (Original Mix)
State Of Raw
Bass 2 Drop (Original Mix)
Ready 4 Takeoff (Original Mix)
Hands Up (Original Mix)

Four of our newly signed, finest bounce artists are on one SUPER EP, called “Safari Music Bounce”. Enjoy these upcoming artists amazing production and just listen for yourself. All solid and banging!
Hands-up in the air, mid-set bangers, which will destroy the floor!

NKai – Drunk Tonight
This is a easy, rocking track with a vocal that all the club will be singing along to by the end of the track! “If you’re drunk tonight put ur hands up!”.

State Of Raw – Hit It
Another dance-floor friendly mid-set banger!

Thunderbuds – Bass 2 Drop
Big acapella for singing along to and a great dance-floor friendly drop!

Thunderbuds – Ready 4 Takeoff
Bit more on the underground vocal glide top-line and sick-ass bass-line to boot!

Chelero – Hands Up
Dark and underground for you ear-holes and those naughty 4am sets!

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