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We Rockin It

We Rockin It

Label: Safari Music

Release date: 2013-10-14

Catalog number: SAF096

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We Rockin It (Chris Royal Remix)
Rolvario, Xamplify, Chris Royal
We Rockin It (Anthony Taratsas Remix)
Rolvario, Anthony Taratsas, Xamplify
We Rockin It (Weiss Schnur Remix)
Rolvario, Weiss Schnur, Xamplify
We Rockin It (Radio Version)
Rolvario, Rolvario, Xamplify
We Rockin It (Miller Brothers Fire Remix)
Rolvario, Miller Brothers, Xamplify
We Rockin It (Will Reckless Remix)
Rolvario, Will Reckless, Xamplify

Xamplify, Australia’s leading urban vocalist has just joined the Safari Music camp!
As a performer, Xamplify is second to no other with crowds enjoying his eccentric performances at club venues and festivals including Endless Summer and Summerfieldayze.
His extensive resume, with some of the leading dance producers and Djs in the country including Sgt Slick, Andy Murphy, Rave Radio, Nick Skitz and The Noise is proof of this.
Making noise across Europe mashing-up, bootlegging and remixing like a beast, is the man Rolvario. He has teamed up with one of the Xamplify to create this gem. It’s all about the energy and the package has something for everyone from Melbourne, to house to deep house!
Chris Royal, Anthony Taratsas, Miller Brothers, Will Reckless and Weiss Schnur on the remix, sure to deliver!!